NARRATIVE: The Resolution

01. © Alfa-Romeo (Type 902) Sprint Quadrifoglio Verde by ItalDesign Giugiaro S.p.A. - Donga Tshabalala - ENLISTED by Donga TshabalalaAlfa-Romeo (Type 902) Sprint Quadrifoglio Verde by ItalDesign Giugiaro S.p.A.

There was a man who awoke to the twenty-fifth of December with the intention to enjoy his day. As a devoted bank employee, the concept of a vacation seemed foreign to him. This was a man who worked overtime not because he needed the money; he did it because he had nothing else in his life to excite him enough to leave work. This was the first December ever since his graduation where he did not work. However, his devotion to his work began to affect his perception of reality. Having never had a vacation in five years, the definitions of enjoyment and a vacation had begun to slowly evade his vocabulary. This was a man who was socialized into believing in hard work – a man who dismissed the concept of luck, and at the age of twenty-seven, his middle-class bachelor lifestyle might have been enough to convince him that his pessimism towards luck held water.

Lacking the imagination necessary to conceive of the concept of enjoyment, this man started his day with the regular routine that he relied on throughout the past five years. He made some breakfast, brushed his teeth, took a shower and then went to his garage to step inside his Alfa-Romeo Sprint Quadrifoglio Verde. It was at this moment, seated in his car, that he began to think about his life. At first, he thought about the effort that had culminated into his current way of life – a life that he once imagined living only in his most treasured of dreams. Now however, his reality presented him with a different set of desires – desires that were more in-line with his age than his former twenty-two-year-old graduate self. Perhaps he had to consider that he had reached his own precipice; the point at which he could not conceive of a life any better than the one he was living. Perhaps the fact that he once was an adopted orphan disturbed him, which meant that just like the car he was inside, he had no way of precisely identifying his own lineage. However, even the Alfa-Romeo Sprint Quadrifoglio Verde had found itself a spiritual successor in the form of the Alfa-Romeo GT Quadrifoglio Verde – a privilege that he remained deprived of.

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It was approaching the afternoon, and realizing that the business park he worked at was closed for the month, he decided to remain seated inside his car. He began to think about resigning from the bank. After all, his job had made it possible for him to amass a fortune in savings. Perhaps what he needed to do was to start his own bakery – he did have a secret love affair with brownies. Perhaps going out on his own and paving a way for himself might have just been what he needed to revive the yearning he had to become the man he currently is. Who knows if he actually realized that the vehicle he was seated in was a product of the same mindset? Who knows if he realized that the car he owned was designed by an individual talented enough to pen the Alfa-Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, and progress to launch a firm responsible for the Alfa-Romeo Brera?

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In the corner of his right eye, he noticed a glint of light from a small window just penetrating the cold darkness of his garage. It was at this moment that he realized the sun was about to set, and he had spent the majority of his day inside his car. It was uncharacteristic of him to do anything spontaneous – a reason that made him work for the banking industry. The man opened the door to his garage and the gate to his driveway, turned on the engine of his car and went for a drive without even the slightest idea as to where the road would take him. The smooth throb of his exhaust note, aided by the small-capacity-boxer-engine that was centimeters away from his right foot, created a sound soothing enough for his drive to be therapeutic. It was only when he was about to approach an on-ramp progressing onto the highway that the thought of his co-worker popped into his mind. Even at the age of twenty-seven, it seems that the desire to be in a relationship still made him feel like an infant. Perhaps the purpose of today was to think about her, and maybe give myself a fighting change to be with her – he wondered.

The moon had now risen – his Alfa-Romeo had led him into the evening. He had no idea where he was, except for the fact that bright lights lay ahead of him. All he knew was that he was approaching a city, and his mind started to slowly drift back to his co-worker. He shut his eyes momentarily, allowing his mind to wander without realizing that he had just entered an intersection moments after the traffic light went back to red. As he opened his eyes, all he saw were the lights of a vehicle approaching; smashing into the rear-fender of his car, which led him into a spin that was brought to an abrupt halt by a tree. As grateful as he should have been for his life, he concentrated on addressing his restlessness instead. Perhaps he thought the collision might have been a signal to begin living a life driven by a greater purpose. Perhaps the term Quadrifoglio Verde – the cloverleaf – might have had something to do with his survival. Perhaps the symbolism of a cloverleaf – that good luck charm that has adorned the Alfa-Romeo since time immemorial – might have saved his life. Perhaps his resolution for a new year will be to remember the cloverleaf that rests above the rear-bumper of his car, and as my eyes open to a new year, I begin to realize that an extensive amount of work lies ahead of me.

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