NARRATIVE: The Resolution – Part VI

02. © Alfa-Romeo (Type 937) 147 GTA by Centro Stile Alfa-Romeo - Donga Tshabalala - ENLISTED by Donga Tshabalala
Alfa-Romeo (Type 937) 147 GTA by Centro Stile Alfa-Romeo

It was the afternoon, and she had now stationed herself at the CUP OF COFFEE CAFÉ. Despite her love for writing, she still needed to concede that being the ghost behind the articles of some influential websites did leave a lot to be fiscally desired. Unlike the cliché image the world has of writers in cafés – a large laptop screen positioned alongside an even larger mug of piping hot beverage; she chose to type using her smartphone – deciding instead to settle for the medium-sized polystyrene cup of cappuccino. She took a moment to glance out of the window, staring at the vehicles passing by her Alfa-Romeo Alfasud. She did not understand why she chose to look outside. It seemed that her action had been prompted by a thought. Perhaps she thought she would see another Alfa-Romeo GT collide into an Alfa-Romeo Sprint right in front of her. Bearing witness to a vehicle collision is nothing to be accustomed to, especially when it involves the life of an individual who you are related to by blood. It seemed the thoughts of her early morning commute had still been ruminating in her mind. After seeing her daughters disappear through the school gates, her brain seemed to drift away again. She had spent a large portion of her adult life being a wanderer of sorts, and at this moment in time, she needed to stop wandering and start concentrating on her sustenance. It seemed the one cliché her life had been indulging was that of being a starving artist, and she now needed to order herself something to eat.

05. © School - Donga Tshabalala - ENLISTED by Donga Tshabalala

The fixation she developed with the plate that was placed in front of her momentarily distracted her from noticing that the deli – FAST DELIGHTS – had been completely eradicated. Instead, it was replaced by a new establishment, which from her eyes was obsessed with the colour brown. Delicately placing her fork on the table, she took the time to examine the appearance of the new store, realizing that it had been dubbed the BROWNIE PALACE. What seemed to interest her even more however, was the Alfa-Romeo Sprint that was parked in front of it – sharing far too many similarities with the vehicle she saw being towed away on that climatic night. This could be no coincidence, but she could not be too sure. Unfortunately for her, telepathy was not a skill that she had managed to conquer – and as a result – she needed to resort to speculation, or did she? She decided to walk out of the café to see what the self-proclaimed BROWNIE PALACE had to offer. As she stepped into the new bakery, she was greeted by a space that had owed itself to every variation of brown imaginable. It seemed the intention of the owner was to emphasize that the sole purpose of his venture was to create a sacred ground for the fusion of baking powder, chocolate and flour. A table with what seemed to be a neglected piece of writing on it caught her eye. The connection that she had developed with the written word led her to gravitate to every form of writing that she could find. She glanced at the cover of what had been left behind, only to realize that it was a magazine with a cover story about the Alfa-Romeo 147 GTA.

01. © Alfa-Romeo (Type 937) 147 GTA by Centro Stile Alfa-Romeo - Donga Tshabalala - ENLISTED by Donga Tshabalala

Alfa-Romeo had been an automotive brand that had stuck with her since time immemorial. The Alfa-Romeo Alfasud she owned was proof to her that people could develop relationships with their vehicles – relationships that went beyond the need for transportation. Perhaps that was the reason why this magazine cover caught her attention. The intention she had of discovering the owner of this new BROWNIE PALACE that she was in had momentarily disappeared, and she lost herself in that magazine – reading about all the arbitrary points that were being made about the Alfa-Romeo 147 that was featured on the cover. It seemed to her that the appeal of this vehicle attributed itself to the fact that it shared an engine with the V6 variant of the Alfa-Romeo GTV. Perhaps there was something about that power that attracted her to what she was seeing. It soon dawned on her that if she was driving a vehicle as powerful as the Alfa-Romeo 147 GTA, then she might have succeeded in reaching her sister on the road before she collided into that Alfa-Romeo Sprint. What she failed to consider however was the fact that the car had developed a notoriety for being difficult to control. As she continued to read, she realized that this was a car that had been featured in a number of incidents involving collisions – a fact that dissuaded her from the thought of owning one. She had witnessed one crash too many for a single lifetime, and she needed to find the person who owned that bakery to verify her suspicions.

As she reached the final page of the magazine, she saw the figure of a man in her periphery. She began her observation with the identification of an apron draped over his chest. As she looked into his eyes, she realized that it was him. She had seen his face on that eventful night, standing underneath the tree that had crushed the rear-fender of his Alfa-Romeo Sprint. The man walked past her, concentrating instead on a customer who needed his attention. She chose to say nothing to him, leaving her suspicions unconfirmed, and she then returned to her Alfa-Romeo Alfasud. There was nothing profound about what she experienced, but the one thing it taught her is that nothing in life ever unfolds as is expected. There may never be any comradery between herself and her sister. She may never live the perfect life. However, she understood that she needed to make the resolution to discover what the purpose of her life was – living in a world where her life lessons intersected themselves with her affinity to Alfa-Romeo.

01. © Alfa-Romeo Logo - Donga Tshabalala - ENLISTED by Donga Tshabalala

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