There is a woman living in a community where her contribution to society is needed. There is a man living in a home where he is responsible for the well-being of the daughters and sons who will change the world. At the beginning of every morning, both these individuals awake to a planet that demands that they play a pivotal role in its improvement. The woman might be the owner of a business. The man might be employed as an educator at a school. However unrelated these people may be to each other does not change the reality that they both use a single medium to achieve the goals that make them upstanding members of society. These two people might even frequent the same places, blissfully unaware of the fact that they consistently cross paths – paths that find their existence in the form of roads. It is at this moment that the vision of engineers, inventors and creators manifests itself as the necessity that takes this woman and man to the places where they are destined to be. It is at this moment that the single medium that this woman and man use to become upstanding members of society is introduced. It is at this moment that the honorable mention of the car is made.

The woman responsible for the management of her own business and the man held accountable for the education of the children who will lead the future may not recognize the genius that exists in what they step inside as they travel from points A to B. The convenience of being able to control the outcome of a journey with the use of a gear lever, pedals and a steering wheel is one that is overlooked, which seemingly leads to a dismissal of the significance of the automotive industry by those of us who depend on it for transportation. It is for this reason that ENLISTED by Donga Tshabalala exists – to communicate the significance of the automotive industry in relation to daily life. The lives of every human being can be defined through the use of narrative. Narratives make it possible to dissect any topic and follow its evolution. In a similar manner, the lives that human beings lead can be dissected along three dominating stages. These stages include: infancy, adolescence and adulthood. Each stage marks a point in the evolution of the lives of every human being that can find its definition in events as innocuous as learning to drive for the very first time or having enough money to purchase a first car. It is through these events that a link between the lived experiences of people and the automotive industry can be made – a link which proves that cars are far more than the sum of their parts.

The articles that are published on the ENLISTED by Donga Tshabalala platform are divided into NARRATIVES and Origin Stories. NARRATIVES combine anecdotes that are inspired by the incidents of daily life with the analysis of the arbitrary features that exist on a curated list of vehicles. Origin Stories are historical accounts that detail the foundation, development and evolution of the manufacturers of the vehicles that have been curated for this platform, while the history and development of each vehicle is covered in detail in separate articles. ENLISTED by Donga Tshabalala publishes its articles in accordance to the alphabetical order of selected vehicle manufacturers, introducing vehicles on the basis of their class and the chronology of their production. ENLISTED by Donga Tshabalala is by no means a platform that publishes traditional vehicle reviews; it does not focus on any vehicle trends or the latest content that the automotive industry has to offer. Instead, this platform is meant for the sort of people who want to take a moment to pause and look at what the automotive industry has managed to achieve ever since its inception. The vehicles that are featured on the ENLISTED by Donga Tshabalala platform are vehicles that have come and gone, but still manage to remain in the hearts and minds of many. These are vehicles that were once celebrated for their aesthetics, brand names, desirability, exclusivity, performance, history and significance during the eras of their production. The articles that are published are all long-form pieces of writing, complemented by the element of motoring. This results in the creation of a platform that appeals to the senses of people who enjoy reading about life stories and the history of vehicles and the organizations that built them. This is a platform where the abstract concepts that characterize our lives are juxtaposed against the concrete existence of cars, reinforcing the essence of the universal truths that are explored.

The writing makes use of imagery – the use of evocative and expressive language to enhance the depth of each article. The use of this literary device complements the objective of each piece of writing – to find a relationship between cars and human life – a relationship that goes beyond driving and transportation. These are relationships that aim to prove that a greater depth of meaning can exist in our lives. These relationships aim to connect us to the greater sense of who we are and who we can be. These are relationships that exist for that woman and her business and the man who teaches to demonstrate that the car can be the backbone of the existence of the dreams that a person has. These are the relationships that exist in this monochrome world where motoring meets humanity. Welcome to a world where CARS DEFINE LIFE.


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Donga Tshabalala – Editor, Founder, Writer 

Donga Tshabalala is a calculated, critical and observant individual with a penchant for analyzing human behavior. Intent to communicate the significance of the automotive industry in relation to daily life, he relates the lived experiences of people to an eclectic list of vehicles.

Roles and Responsibilities include the configuration and management of the platform. In addition, he occupies the roles of creative and strategic director of ENLISTED by Donga Tshabalala while remaining responsible for the writing of articles.